A modern fairytale...

Chapter One Woodstock

In which we are introduced to our heroine Angela and her real father. Her father tells her about his ideals and his generation (America, 1960s) to teach her about the values of peace, love and understanding.

Chapter Two Had A Dad

Angela’s father is killed while on assignment as a photojournalist. Angela reflects on this unfortunate turn of events.

Chapter Three Gunshy

In which Angela narrates the story of how her new stepfather finds her mother.

Chapter Four Flower

Our heroine describes her budding relationship with her stepfather.

Chapter Five The Enlightenment

As a protective mechanism against the abuse dealt by her evil stepfather, Angie develops a second personality named Christina to act as a companion and protector.

Chapter Six Ain't It Strange

Angie and Christina continue to be abused by their evil stepfather. They explore the dichotomy of purity and sin.

Chapter Seven Moving In Stereo

An exploration of the experience of having multiple personalities.

Chapter Eight All Mixed Up

In which Angela learns that being a “multiple” has a lot to offer but it also can be confusing and conflicting in nature.

Chapter Nine Sweetest Decline

Christina, although created to protect Angela, finds that she can no longer sustain that role. She begins to fantasize about different places she could live and about leaving Angela to go there.

Chapter Ten Midlife Crisis

In which our heroines fight and break-up. Christina takes off to parts unknown and Angela stays in Los Angeles, abandoned to the currents of fate. She eventually grows up and moves away to college.

Chapter Eleven Rearviewmirror

Angela cannot escape her stepfather. He is in her memory and being. She reflects on what has happened and realizes that she cannot go on. He will be there, always.

Chapter Twelve Auf Wiedersehen

In which we watch, powerless, as our heroine draws a bath, takes off her clothes and gets into the water. Her wrists bloom with deep red roses that dissolve into the liquid atmosphere of the bath.

Chapter Thirteen The Toothfairy And The Princess

A dreamlike haze. Voices from within and without (Christina?… Doctors?…Friends?) urge Angela to survive.

Chapter Fourteen Faraway Song

Angela slowly regains a kind of self-awareness over the ensuing months. As she copes with her loneliness and despair, she receives the news that her stepfather has been killed in a drunk driving accident.

Chapter Fifteen Blue

With this news Christina reappears only to inform Angela that she (Christina) has been watching out for her and waiting for this moment to return.

Chapter Sixteen Fourteen Black Paintings

Angela reluctantly forgives Christina and begins a process of living again as a multiple. They set off on a journey to explore the world together.

Chapter Seventeen Zoo Station

A boy named Tim roams the world. He is the prince to our heroine princess. In this aside we see the world through his eyes. It is one cool place.

Chapter Eighteen Amazing

Our prince Tim meets and falls in love with our heroine princess.

Chapter Nineteen I Believe In You

As Angela begins to reveal herself to Tim and to become a part of the world like she never has before (She gets a job… she moves in with Tim), their connection becomes addictive.

Chapter Twenty Glory

Angela is in conflict. Tim is a guy like all guys – in some ways even like her stepfather. Yet, she loves him and how he makes her feel.

Chapter Twenty-One So That Tonight I Might See

An old friend of her real father has invited Angela to a party. The party is going to be a celebration of the spirit of the sixties and a reaffirmation of its ideals. She knows she must go to this party to re-experience the spirit of her real father.

Chapter Twenty-Two Deja Vu

Angela finds her way to the party. She meets the friends of her real father but feels uncertain and out of place. Angela and Christina want to connect with these people though because in doing so they believe they will connect with their real father.

Chapter Twenty-Three Crucify

As much as she wants to, our heroine cannot escape her feelings of anger and fear. In typical abused child fashion she turns her anger on herself. She leaves the party at her breaking point – ready for the end, or the beginning.

Chapter Twenty-Four Cesaro Summability

Angela. Inside.

Chapter Twenty-Five Israel's Son

Vengeance is mine sayeth Angela to the ghosts of her past. Using the strength of the multiple personalities inside her, she fights her stepfather’s ghost to his death.

Chapter Twenty-Six Never Get Old

"God commanded His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. They will lift you up in their arms to keep you from striking your foot against a stone. You will tread upon the lion and the cobra You will trample the great lion and the serpent."

Coming out of her self induced hypnotic state Angela finds herself and Tim in a world she has never seen before. One where the fear of her past is no more.

Chapter Twenty-Seven Voodoo Child (Slight Refrain)

Angela and Christina recognize their power and acknowledge what they can do together. “I stand up next to a mountain and I chopped it down with the edge of my hand.”

Chapter Twenty-Eight Norwegian Wood

In which we sum up the experience of having a multiple personality: “I once had a girl, or should I say, she once had me…”

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The Songs
Had A Dad
The Enlightenment
Ain't It Strange
Moving In Stereo
All Mixed Up
Sweetest Decline
Midlife Crisis
Auf Wiedersehen
The Toothfairy And The Princess
Faraway Song
Fourteen Black Paintings
Zoo Station
I Believe In You
So That Tonight I Might See
Cesaro Summabilty
Israel's Son
Never Get Old
Voodoo Child (Slight Refrain)
Norwegian Wood
The Posters

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